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“Did you guys hear about that Spiderman thing that happened with me? Ok, for those of you who have a life, basically what happened was, they were talking about — on this geek blog — making Spiderman. You know, they’re redoing it. So they said that maybe this new Spiderman, since they’re making it so quickly after making these other Spidermans, maybe they should make it real different. You know, make it kind of like dark and edgy like The Dark Knight, and put it in modern day times and stuff… And maybe, you know, Spiderman doesn’t have to be white. Maybe he can be black, or hispanic, or something like that.
And then somebody put a big picture of me in the comments and was like, “Donald Glover can play Spiderman! HE’S NERDY!” And somebody sent that to me, so I was like “Oh yeah, I’ll put that up” so I put it up on my twitter and I was like, “Donald for Spiderman - Let’s do this.” You know, kind of a joke, but also like who doesn’t wanna be Spiderman? That’d be cool. 

Aaaand, that’s when… the world went crazy.”

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“Obviously we wanted to make sure that physically we recognise that Bane is superior, and this is the first time that Batman has come across anybody who is superior.” - Christian Bale

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